Sit Back, Enjoy a Brew, and Jam to John M. Restrepo Quartet & Open Jazz Jam at the Tap and Barrel

John M. Restrepo Quartet is brining back the Jazz music genre to Long Island through their weekly Jazz Jam event, which is open to all musicians, at the Tap and Barrel in Smithtown, NY.

John M. Restrepo Quartet performing live at the weekly Jazz Jam. Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016, in Smithtown, NY (Photo by: Victoria Lore)

Since the open Jazz Jam debut a year and a half ago, it has created awareness for the Jazz group John M. Restrepo Quartet, the Tap and Barrel, and the classic genre of Jazz music. Hosted Tuesday nights, the Jazz Jam’s has attracted crowds from all over the Tri-State area for its laid back and fun atmosphere.

“The purpose of the Jazz Jam is just for people to come play, hangout, and listen to music,” said John Maurice Restrepo, host of the John M. Restrepo Quartet & Jazz Jam and lead saxophone player for John M. Restrepo Quartet. “I thought it would be a good opportunity for me and my band to play together every week, and it’s given us a little name recognition.”

The Open Jazz Jam has also given many young musicians an opportunity to play and practice in hopes that this event will help them as they pursue careers in the music industry.

“There have been a lot of musicians who come in and play who sound good and have gotten better over the weeks or the months they’ve been coming in,” said Restrepo. “A couple of the musicians that have come in are really young, going to college for music and this event has given them an opportunity to play and gain experience.”

Some of the members of the audience sitting at the bar enjoying cold cocktails and brews prior to John M. Restrepo Quartet’s first performance at the Tap and Barrel. Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016, in Smithtown, NY (Photo by: Victoria Lore)

The event has also drawn in crowds of non-musicians who are looking to enjoy one of the 54 craft beers the Tap and Barrel has to offer and jam to the music.

“The audience has been building since we started the Jazz Jam and maintaining it,” said Restrepo. “There several people I have met over the course of the last of a year and a half that have been here 80 percent, 70 percent of the time, some 90, some 50. But a lot of people do come back and request tunes.”

First opened in six years ago, the Tap and Barrel was created for locals to come and enjoy a different kind of atmosphere than the typical sports bars and Irish pubs on Long Island and since it’s opening, it has now established itself as a craft beer destination.

Front entrance to the Tap and Barrel just before the start of the open Jazz Jam. Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016, in Smithtown, NY (Photo by: Victoria Lore)

“There isn’t anything else like the Jazz Jam on Long Island, and I really liked the bar, I enjoyed the ambiance of Tap and Barrel, I liked the selection of beers, ” said Restrepo. “ It’s probably the best tap beer bar on Long Island.”

For more information, visit the Tap and Barrel’s website and John M. Restrepo Quartet and Open Jazz Jam Facebook page.


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