How Treme Is Bringing Jazz into Local Nightlife on Long Island

Long Island’s only Jazz bar Treme, located in Islip, NY is bring classic New Orleans flair and music to the forefront in local nightlife.

Front entrance to Treme just when it opened it’s doors for the night. Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016, in Islip, NY (Photo by: Victoria Lore)

Opened three years ago, Treme has become a hot spot for Long Island locals who are looking to get away from the typical young crowd club scene. Named after the New Orleans district where jazz music originated, Treme’s live music and signature cocktails are what keep locals coming back.

“Treme, is essentially a music venue where we have signature cocktails, good food, and give a quality guest experience,” said Josh Thompson, owner of Treme. “Jazz is something I listen to when I want to relax and enjoy myself and not be stressed out about anything. There’s something soothing about jazz.”

Treme has helped some musicians who are looking to gain notoriety in the music industry by giving them opportunities to record in their

The Interplay Jazz Orchestra preforming their first song for the night at Treme. Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016, in Islip, NY (Photo by: Victoria Lore)

“We’ve had musicians come down and do video parties so they can actually have a video reel and demo reel that they can pass off to the record companies they are looking to sign with,” said Thompson. “We are totally open into helping them to move their way as a career.”

The Interplay Jazz Orchestra has been one of Treme’s regular acts since its opening three years ago and has been playing here ever since.

“It’s really the only Jazz club on Long Island,” said Joe Devassy, trombone player for the music group The Interplay Jazz Orchestra. “It’s been great being able to interact with the audience. They check us out, buy our albums, and they come to our other gigs. Slowly, but surely, we are gaining a gathering and that’s been cool.”

Thompson discussed how he was fortunate enough to take over Treme from the former owners who had the inspiration to achieve the New Orleans jazz feel Treme is now known for.

Looking for a way to give Treme the ultimate experience, Thompson decided to incorporate a vast cocktail menu.

The Johnnie Black Berry, one of Treme’s signature cocktails. Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016, in Islip, NY (Photo by: Victoria Lore)

“I felt it needed a little nudge in the right direction. Aside from live music, which is the heart and soul of this place, we started really incorporating some of the original cocktails that were invented in New Orleans,” said Thompson. “Things like a sazerac, which is also debated to be the first cocktail ever, is a New Orleans-based cocktail. With a little historical research, I was able to go through, find the cocktails, and really get that into what Treme is.”

Treme’s main mission is for the best guest quality experience, making it a point that no detail can go unnoticed or neglected.

“I always explain to my staff you have to put your heart into it, it really makes a world of a difference,” said Thompson. “You can make the same thing, but if you’re in a foul mood or miserable that’s going to pass through so you got to put your heart into everything.”


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