The Power of Baking Soda

Baking soda has an endless amount of uses, between personal care, for in the home, cooking, and cleaning purposes. It has even been used to beat stage four cancer and to treat Swine Flu 85 years ago, making baking soda a must-have product.

Lucille Lore, emergency room nurse and homemaker swears by baking soda since she has used it for many reasons between cleaning her home and in the emergency room when treating patients.

“I have used baking soda for my rugs, in my fridge, and in my bed sheets because it neutralizes carboxylic acids and ester derivatives (the smell of garbage) odors. It really makes everything smell fresh air,” said Lore. “When washing my hands after cooking with garlic and onions I use baking soda to rid those smells, along with even using for clothes, bed linens, and dogs beds to keep them all fresh smelling.”

(Infographic by: Victoria Lore)

When baking soda comes into contact with acidic or alkaline substances, it naturally adjust pH levels, which makes using baking soda beneficial for many health issues.

“Gargle with baking soda when you have a cough and sore throat because of baking soda’s properties, it immediately minimizes the symptoms of a cough and sore throat,” said Lore. “I recommend using baking soda with a doctor’s permission for treating a urinary track infection instead of drinking cranberry juice, because it is acidic and will cause more pain during urination. Baking soda on the other hand combats acidic properties.”

When baking soda is mixed with an acid, it has a reaction, making bubbles and giving off carbon dioxide gas, making baking a rising agent because when this happens it causes dough to rise.

“Often when cooking, I use baking soda to counteract an acidic element that I may be also cooking with such as vinegar or lemon juice to take out the bitter taste that may be in a specific recipe,” said Lore. “I also use baking soda when baking. When I am baking a cake from scratch I put baking soda in the cake batter to ensure that the cake rises.”

So, the next time you are grocery shopping and come across baking soda, just remember the endless possibilities that comes with purchasing the very inexpensive product. As Lucille Lore will tell you, “it’s worth every penny.”


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